Family labour from 4th of May

rules update from 6th of May 2020

Dear Sir or Madam,
We kindly inform you that from 4th of May, from 8:00 AM family labour has been restored in St. Sophia's Hospital.

In family labour the following RULES currently apply:

  1. In family labour only one accompanying person is allowed (father of the Baby, in particular cases different close person, only with acceptance from the Hospital's director.
  2. Accompanying person should be living with the woman giving birth for at least 14 days before the labour. On the labour day the person has to be healthy, cannot be in quarantine, isolation, did not have contact with infected or person with suspected COVID-19 infection for at least 14 days before the delivery date.
  3. Families preparing for family labour should limit their contact with strangers for 14 days before the delivery date in order to minimalize the probability of getting infected with coronavirus.
  4. During admission to the Hospital, accompanying person undergoes the same procedures as the Patient, which is: getting their body temperature checked, measured their saturation and has to fill out the epidemiological questionnaire form.
  5. Decision about family labour is made by the doctor / midwife from addmision office based on initial exam and epidemiological questionnaire form analisys.
  6. Accompanying person during their whole time on the Hospital ground has to keep safe 2-meter distance from others, exept for the Woman giving birth, esspecialy in communications routes. In the delivery room the accompanying person behaves according to instructions provided by the leading midwife.
  7. Accompanying person does not leave the delivery room, unless they aren't requested to by medical personel, which may occur e.g. sudden obstetrical sytuation. In that case the accompanying person has to wait for permission to return (if it is possible) in front of delivery ward.
  8. Accompanying person after entering the delivery room has to disinfect their hands and wears atested face mask (in case of surgical mask, it has to be changed every 2 hours, in case of FFP2/FFP3 masks every 6-12 hours).
  9. For safety reasons, accompanying person and the patient have to wear atested masks covering their mouth and nose when moving inside the Hospital ground. The Hospital does not provide those for the patient or the accompanying person, which is why you have to include them in the items for your stay in the Hospital.
  10. After 2 hours after the delivery the accompanying person has to immidiately leave the Hospital.
  11. In case of surgical labour or cesarean section, the accompanying person is not allowed.
  12. Patients visits in the Hospital are still prohibited.

Postpartum room

Dear Patient!

  • Wash your hands and disinfect them with alcohol based liquids frequently
  • Keep at least 1,5 meter distance from others
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • When you're coughing or sneezing cover your mouth and nose with bent arm or with a tissue
  • Cover your mouth and nose in case of:
    1. Personnel entering the room
    2. Moving around the hospital ground (shop, medical examination outside of the ward)

Let us all take care of our common safety!

Do not leave the postpartum room without personnel's recommendation!